How you can help-Olifantsnek Residential Area

Olifantsnek Residential Area

How you can help

You can help us
1) By sharing your time
2) By sharing unwanted items
3) By sharing your money
Share your time with us - Volunteer to assist with projects in Olifantsnek

"One Hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of house you lived in... what kind of car you drove... what your bank balance was... but what will matter is that you were important in the ´Save our Earth´ project .
-- Adapted from a quote by Forest Witcraft

We request residents to share your time with us to make Olifanstnek a better place for all.
  • You can assist in protecting our fauna & flora
  • You can assist with security in our community by way of patrols or just being eyes
  • You can assist us with our projects from time to time
  • You can share your skills on our projects, we will gladly listen to advice
  • You can spend time with the local community people where our projects are this way you will get to know your neighbour and know who to call or assist in time of need
  • You can assist in raising funds for projects in the community
We guarantee you will enjoy the time you spend in our neighbourhood assisting with projects. We are sure that you will be eagerly looking forward for the next time you want to spend your time amidst our residents.

Please call us to inform about your coming.

We appeal to you to donate to the good cause generously. 
  • Monthly contributions, EFT's may be done in favour of OCHOA 
  • We will gladly collect unwanted items you will let us sell to raise funds for the community