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Olifantsnek Residential Area

About Us

The area

Situated about 15km South of Rustenburg on the R24, one will find the entrance to the "town" Olifantsnek, a place where long ago it is believed elephants roamed. Since being established in 1929, Olifantsnek was part of the Boer war, used as a trading post and was a popular tourist attraction. We enjoy hot summers, cold winters and fall in a summer rainfall region.

At the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountain is Olifantsnek Dam, which was built and completed around 1932 for irrigation purposes. When one travels from the direction of Derby or Krugersdorp, overlooking the dam one can see what looks like the head and trunk of an elephant and part of the reason for the name Olifantsnek Dam.

Being on the banks of the dam which in turn is on the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountain we are blessed with a variety of wildlife. In the evenings one might hear a jackal in the distance or the "hoot" of an owl, during daytime a fish eagle may be heard in the distance, between dusk and dawn all our other birds "sing" before resting for the night.

The People

The township consists of 185 properties, of which there is a yacht club, a private school, a few Guest Houses, an undeveloped park and a few properties owned by local government. There are still many undeveloped stands and all but the main entrance road are dirt, with the only maintenance being done by a few residents. Currently the area is not fully serviced by the local municipality and all residents are fully reliant on borehole water and septic tanks to service basic needs. There is also a pump house and distribution tank where local residents can apply for assistance with water if required.

Olifantsnek with over 50% of the properties developed is fortunate to have a variety of residents from all ages and a variety of back grounds that are prepared to stand together and make a difference by helping make the residential area a better safe place for all who visit or stay here. Residents have mostly moved here to enjoy the nature, peace & tranquillity, some even with long term plans to retire. With more properties being developed and an expected influx of new residents and visitors, with no local government plans to upgrade the roads or services in the area soon, it was decided to look into a formal committee to look after the interests of the communities property owners.

OCHOA - Olifantsnek Concerned Home Owners Association

A meeting was held in July 2014 where an interim committee was established to lay the foundations for a more permanent committee to be elected at the AGM at the end of 2014. This was the start of OCHOA and in 2015 we registered as a Non-profit Company (NPC 2015/267274/08)

Part of the tasks identified at the original meeting for the committee to consider was:

  • improved security,
  • installation of CCTV at strategic points,
  • improve communication between residents in times of emergency,
  • improve relations between residents,
  • improve cleanliness of neighbourhood,
  • minor road maintenance & signage,
  • manage vacant stands and empty houses,
  • establish guidelines for residents & visitors,
  • manage access to the dam for non-residents,
  • establish a forum that can speak on behalf of the community.

Although only this was the start of a very long road, Olifantsnek will one day become a welcome place for travellers to rest, families to enjoy an outing, all without disturbing the residents of Olifantnek, whether it be man, his best friend or any other fauna and flora.
Since 2015 OCHOA have been able to raise funds to install a pallisade fence along the R24, this immediately reduced crime in the community. We were also fortunate to recieve a vehilce as a donation that has been branded and used for patrols through our community. CCTV camera's have been installed with more in the pipe. Road street names were errected and every now and again we try and repair our dirt roads from errosion after th rainy season.

Facilities in and around Olifantsnek Residential Area.

  • Olifantnek Yacht Club - Sailing, windsurfing, canoeing
  • Olifantsnek Dam Nature Reserve - Fishing (Not inside the residential area)
  • Guest Houses - See classifieds
  • Restaurant & Pub - coming soon
  • Brewery, close by
  • Petrol station & shop, at the entrance
  • Mashie Golf course, close by
  • Farm stalls, along R24