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Olifantsnek Residential Area-Home-Olifantsnek Residential Area

Olifantsnek Residential Area


With over 50% of Olifantsnek residential properties developed we found it necessary to have a formal forum where we can represent the residents of our small community.  Residents have mostly moved here to enjoy the nature, peace & tranquillity, some even with long term plans to retire. More properties are being developed and an expected influx of new residents and visitors are expected in the future, with no local government plans to upgrade the roads or services in the area soon, it was decided to look into a formal committee for Olifantsnek.  This was the start of OCHOA (Olifantsnek Concerned Home Owners Association) in November 2014. We have been involved in community security patrols, installing and maintain pallisade along R24 as well as a few CCTV cameras in Olifantsnek. OCHOA are not a security or policing service but want to look after the best interest of our community.


Situated about 15km South of Rustenburg on the R24, one will find the entrance to the "town" Olifantsnek, a place where long ago it is believed elephants roamed


Let some of the Community & the Olifantsnek Concerned Home Owners share pictures of our beautiful sorroundings and activities.


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